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Types Of False Eyelashes
Nov 22, 2018

There are many kinds of false eyelashes.

According to the work is divided into manual eyelashes, semi-handmade eyelashes, mechanism eyelashes. Handmade eyelashes: pure handmade, a one to put the eyelash silk up, fine workmanship, convenient and practical.

However, the process is complex and the yield is limited by Labor.

Semi-handmade eyelashes: The first few processes are used machine, the back two processes are also manual production, eyelash finished products relatively flat, good-looking. Mechanism eyelash: mainly machine making, but also a small part will be used manually.

Product shape is beautiful, low cost, production is also large,

By use: Cloth doll eyelashes, film and television eyelashes, simulated eyelashes, festive eyelashes, daily eyelashes. Doll eyelashes: is to make dolls and other dolls with eyelashes, thick short cute.