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The Shape Of The Eyelashes
Nov 22, 2018

The lower eyelid eyelashes are short and small, about 50-75, and the length is about 6-8mm, with a slight forward curvature.

Male lower eyelid eyelashes are 100 degrees-120 degrees, and women are 10 degrees younger than men. When closing your eyes, the upper and lower eyelashes are not intertwined.

The eyelashes in the central part of the upper and lower eyelid are longer and more, and the inner Canthus is the shortest. Eyelash hair follicles are rich in nerves, so eyelashes are sensitive, touching eyelashes can cause transient reactions.

Hair follicles are surrounded by sweat glands and sebaceous glands, and their excretion tubes open in eyelash hair follicles.

The color of the eyelashes is generally darker than the hair, and does not become white due to old age (occasionally visible to several elderly Bai), but can also be due to a disease, such as albinism, into white.

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