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Growth Of Eyelashes
Nov 22, 2018

Eyelash in the hair of the shortest life, life expectancy of 3-5 months, constantly updated, a development of eyelashes, after the removal, a week can grow 1-2mm, about 10 weeks, can reach the original length. Children's eyelashes are the longest and most curved.

In daily life, some of the common parents for infants and young children to remove eyelashes, in order to grow black and bright eyelashes, this practice is no scientific basis, sometimes even cause infections and other accidents, and damage hair follicles, resulting in the absence of eyelashes. Slender, curved, dark, flashing and energetic eyelashes have an important role to play in eye-to-eye beauty, so that the whole beauty of the face. The eyelashes are arranged in a semi-arc. Eyelashes can be set against the contours of the eyes, adding to the charm of the eyes. The upper eyelid eyelashes are longer and dense than the lower eyelid eyelashes. With black and slightly upward warping as the United States, it has become one of the important decorative parts of human face, especially women. Therefore, people often use eyelash oil, sticky false eyelashes, curly eyelashes and heavy eyelid surgery and other methods to beautify the upper eyelashes. The lower eyelid eyelashes are short and sparse, and bend downward. Sometimes you can also make up for the lack of eyelashes by drawing eyeliner or tattoo eyeliner, so as to better display the contour of the eye.