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FALSE Eyelash Detailed Tutorial
Nov 22, 2018

Cosmetic Shop has a lot of false eyelashes, have you tried to buy back to use it? How can I stick false eyelashes? Let's get ready: false eyelashes, glue, scissors. Remember that fake eyelashes must start in the middle of the eye! The position of the sticker first, the false eyelashes cut short, more than the width of their own eyes 8mm or so.

The mirror was placed on the table tilted 45 degrees diagonally down (face facing forward) Put glue on the false eyelashes. Confirm that the eye head starts 3mm and the end of the eye comes 5mm empty position. Then start the sticker from the middle of the eye, then the eye head, then the end of the eye. Pressing (index finger, middle finger, ring finger) is easy to fall off when it is first affixed, so gently press and hold with your finger. At this point, if the eyes close, it is easy to stick to the lower eyelid, be careful. After almost glued, then caress the false eyelashes from the bottom as a whole. That's the sticker.